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tv   Hannity  FOX News  August 29, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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school. something. didn't do well. it was tragic. again, thank you for watching us tonight. i am bill o'reilly. please always remember the spin stops here in massachusetts because we are definitely looking out for you. >> this is a fox news alert just a short time ago members of the obama administration briefed members of the -- in syria. he has not said what if any military action he will take in syria. lawmakers voted against military action which is a huge defeat to british prime minister james cameron. >> john, lawmakers who received that briefing this evening said they came away with the
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impression that the president still has not made a final decision about the strike. >> the president is going to have to make his case to the congress and to the american people. i think before he takes any action. the problem that he finds himself in and has placed us in is if he does not take action now. a paper tiger to statements the rest of the world. >> senior white house official tells fox that the uss stout is now in position off the coast of syria. for a period of time there will be five destroyers in the area. the pentagon has also opted to keep two aircraft carriers in the persian gulf. the pentagon is not concerned
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about reports from russia that it is sending surface -- two surface ships to the mediterranean. that was expected u.s. defense officials tell fox that won't deter any of the current plans. a vote is unlikely to deter the president. the un weapons inspectors are slated to leave syria saturday morning and the president is unlikely to order a strike while those inspectors are still on the ground. sean? >> jennifer, thank you. joining me now kentucky senator rand paul. thank you for being with us. >> glad to be with you, sean. do you think this is a wise decision and do you think that the president needs congressional aprove al? >> absolutely he needs congressional approval.
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the constitution is cleave r on this subject. we vested the power to go to war in congress. without question congress should vote on this and he is going against the constitution and it will be an unlawful act if he takes military action without having them vote on it. >> i think these words are important. this was before they took office. joe biden says he would impeach somebody that would do what he was about to do. >> i was chairman of the judiciary committee i teach this this is something i know. i got together and to write a piece pointing out the president has no constitutional authority to take this nation to war
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against 70 million people unless we are attacked. and if he does, i would move to impeach him. the house obviously would have to do that. i don't say it lightly. i say it because they should understand that what they were threatening and saying and what was adding up to be what looked like the rest of the war would be the most disastrous thing that could be done that i can think of. >> could this be more clear? >> well, here is the funny ing about this. biden presides over the senate. he would preside over his own impeachment. i suggest he come to the senate floor and reiterate his own position. he would be impeaching his administration. they need to come before a joint session of congress and lay out their case and if they want to
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take the nation to war they need to convince the majority of congress. they won't risk a vote because they are worried that they could be defeated. it happened ip t eed in the bri parliament. we are horrified by it. we would like to know who did it. which side did it but we are not exciteed to get involved in a new war right now. i would like to stop the president and we shouldn't engage in it in a constitution al fashion. >> it seems like the british were quick to jump on the president's side it seems like whatever momentum they had to go forward with this seems to be stopped. do you think that is emerging in washington? >> this is what joe biden is talking about. the separation of powers allows
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for people not to emotionally go to war. you have to think about it. when i think about war i think about one of my sons or your sons going off to war. we should fight to win and for an american cause. i can't see fighting to impose -- law in syria. i can't see sending my son to fight against rebels against christians and fight on the same side as al qaeda. there are so many ironies and muddling nature to this and this are potential repercussions. if he launches this little attack with a few cruise misslles. it won't stop nuclear weapons, but it may cause a gas attack on israelis. >> and it may start an all out
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war in the middle east. there is a question about u.s. intelligence. they are still working through an assessment. we haven't ascertained that it was assad that is responsible for the attack. it is not a slam dunk. don't we have to be sure and certain that he is responsible before we make this decision? >> you know, some commentators have been asking an important question. he asked the latin phrase whose benefit is this? >> does it benefit assad to use chemical weapons? >> absolutely not. it seems to be to the benefit of the rebels. i don't know who did, but i've been presented with no evidence yet and i would like to see the evidence before we go off half cocked into a war. >> if the president does this,
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we are going to be using the u.s. military to help support and back al qaeda. it seems the likely successor would be radical islamists with al qaeda ties. do you agree with that assessment? >> they say that al qaeda is the fiercest fighters and they will be a civil war and al kid may take over. what if the moderate islamic rebels take over. you will have christians persecuted for blasphemy and there is a woman who they say committed that and she said i only drank out of the same cup as my fellow workers. that is not something i want to send our boys and girls to die
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for. >> i want to ask you about the question that you and others are involved into defund obamacare. senator, every republican that ran for office ran against obama care that they would repeal and replace obama care. here is one opportunity to get rid of it by defunding it and funding the entire rest of the government and there is fierce and unexplainable mysterious reluctance and resistance by your fellow republicans. are they surrendering? >> i was elected to fight to stop obamacare and i will do everything possible to stop it. i have been in 40 cities in kentucky and several cities around the country and every location that i show up. people come up to me and say stand up and we appreciate you
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standing up against the president when he is wrong. it is going to be a disaster for our economy. >> we appreciate you joining us and there is going to be a big rally with the tea party and you will be speaking on 9/10 in dc. thank you for being with us. >> and still ahead does the president need congressional approval before attacking syria? >> would you attack and what would it looks like and what would the targets be? >> retired general is with us next live. >> and look at your three options for video of the day. log on. the winner will one in it's entirety at the end of the show. option number one from
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welcome back to hannity, a third cruise ship is moving into
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the med craiterranean sea. the white house has said that the goal would not be for a regime change. cries missiles have a range of 1,000 miles. the country has many chemical facilities that could be on the target list since the strike would be in retaliation to the attack that the white house says was ordered by the assad regime. and various missile bases that could be hit as well. if for a briefing is retired army general jack keen. welcome sir to the program, good to see you. >> good to see you, sean.
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>> if you were called in and president obama says i want to go forward and i want to strike what targets would you sougt? >> i would take a strategic view of this and not punish him for the chemical weapons. that is actually tipping the happen to the brits. they insisted on that statement. there is much we can do to shift the momentum which is in assad's favor. one provide them training and they are in the lead and the opposition forces now. secondly, clearly what needs to be done is have assad move significant military capability as a result of what he has done. don't spread these cruise
6:17 pm
missiles all over the place to the point where we don't concentrate and focus on reducing capability. one of the most vulnerable capabilities is air power. less than 100 airplanes take down the fuel storage, take out the command and control on those six primary fields and his air power is reduced dramatically and that reduces the weapons that they need. >> you talk about the moderates as though they would be the likely successor. i probably would have agree wednesd agreed with you. many of the forces have
6:18 pm
disbanded and it seems there are radical jihadists. >> there are some facts, sean. the fact of the matter is the moderates are in the lead. the jihadists are not much in the fight anymore they are trying to impose 7th century talibanism and have separated from the moderates. what the moderates need are the resources that the jihadists were given early on. the saudis weren't given the numbers that they should be given. we are not giving them all the weapons that they should be
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given. >> you have the most optimistic view that i have heard. with all due respect, i don't mean any disrespect here, what if you were wrong and the potential for greater conflict exists, is this something this civil war do we even need to be involved in it? >> certainly, i'm not suggesting that i know what the outcome is. but i do know that there is much that we can do to assist the moderates. i find it rather hard to believe that tens of thousands of syrians are fighting a brutal dictator. they have been dying 100,000 dead now and you are going to tell me that a relatively small group a few thousand foreign
6:20 pm
fighters would take over the country and they would stand for that? that is the logic that you are proposing to me? >> general, i was probably five people in the public that predicted that the muslims would take over radicalization in syria, those numbers are very high. i think the numbers that support that law are far greater than what i suspect you are thinking. >> let me tell you, the lack of accurate information of what we are talking about is stunning. what has happened in the north where they are imposing 7th century -- the people do not accept that kind of behavior modification change. it is similar to what took place
6:21 pm
in iraq with the so-called awakening after al qaeda had imposed their will for two years in the sunnis in that area. most of the islamists do not want to kneel under that rule. >> let's assume for a second that you are right. we must factor in the ruthlessness under which they want to advance their calafate and the methods that they would intimidate the population. there is a risk that whatever bombing we could be involved in could help them you are not denying that are you? >> both could be strengthened by what is taking place. but i'm absolutely convinced in my own mind that this is an opportunity, sean.
6:22 pm
we can make a laundry list like senator paul did and talk about all of the things that go wrong frankly, this administration has been paralyzed by the fear of adverse consequence since they came into office. this is the opportunity for the united states to say we are not going to stand for this and i hope the administration will do this. >> you really believe that a three day campaign of cruise z missiles will accomplish that? you really think it will make that big of a difference? >> you can do it in less than three days. you have to understand the numbers and the targets. listen we are dead wrong in not having completed the strike already. in my mind we should have in
6:23 pm
fo formed them already and then strike and here we are going through all this. this is not going to war this is a limited military action similar to what clinton did against al qaeda in afghanistan. we are not committing this nation to war. >> the only thing i would say general i wish i was wrong on the muslim brotherhood in egypt and i hope i'm wrong here. we could pave the way for another radical movement. >> so you suggest we ring our hands and do nothing? >> my recommendation this civil war has been going on for years. 100,000 dead and 250,000 refugees. if anything i think the united
6:24 pm
states role should be humanitarian. >> then what about iran? >> what if we end up bringing al qaeda to power that would be dangerous wouldn't it? >> the only way to deal with them is to stand up to them not roll over. >> but we don't have the stomach to go beyond three days. >> that is not a fight that is just checking the box to say i did it. >> thank you. take it easy. >> next they all called the president george w. bush at the time so why are these men flip-floping now that they are the ones in charge. >> also tonight, you get to weigh in and select our video of the day. here is a sneak peak at the second possibility the number one rated king of late night
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so if russia blocks action to the un. >> they already have. >> and congress is on recess, we'll consult them but we won't have a vote. what happened to the barack obama of 2008 who said you have to get congressional authorization before you go to military action. >> that is a predispoization that has not been made. >> i'm not going to parse the president's word that is he conducted with pbs. >> >> asking the questions that everyone wants to know the answers to. here to explain the constitutional matter is the author of the blarand new book, "things that matter", our good
6:30 pm
friend charles krauthammer. good to see you. >> good to be here. >> thank you very much. >> the president does not have the power to u nxt inunilateral authorize stopping a threat to the nation. >> now he can be as hypocritical as he wants because he is not up for re-election. remember, there is no surprise here. when he did the libya operation he didn't consult with congress either. suspending a piece of obamacare here and there, suspending the immigration laws this is a man for whom the constitution is a suggestion nothing more. >> what do you make of having
6:31 pm
telegraphed basically everything that we are going to do here charles? >> i find it staggering. in fact just a few hours ago. they gave even more specific detail about the targets on the outskirts of damascus, i mean are they going to announce the times that the bombs are going to fall so that they won't disturb dinner in damascus. they come out with all the detail, they basically say we are going in and then everything falls apart. it showed the administration that cannot even organize a three-party coalition. >> yeah, when you look at they told them what the weapons are, what the duration is going to be. they are going to be limited capacity.
6:32 pm
one must ask the next logical question what is the purpose then? well that is the view i have and i'm sure we share it. that it has no purpose whatsoever unless it is to asuage the guilty conscious of a president or whose word means nothing because last year he spoke about a red line and has allowed all of the red lines to be crossed without lifting a finger. but you don't take a country into war as a way to vindicate your own standing. you do it to achieve strategic objectives. and if you are going to do a three day strike in syria altering the course of that civil war then the whole exercise is pointless and
6:33 pm
dangerous. >> let's talk about the danger. it is towards ii ii israel. if i'm israel i'd be saying really? you going to put us in this position? >> realm in the gulf war in the 1990s israel was attacked and jews after the second world war are never going to cow weather they are attacked. we asked them to stay out so not to disrupt the coalition. they have made clear that if syria or hezbollah or iran attacks, they are not going to respond with the prime minister, you will not have your proportional response it will be a fierce response. and what is possible here is by
6:34 pm
doing what obama things is he turns his ship around and goes over the horizon and nothing happens. if there is retaliation i think it is unlikely. but if the iranians or the syrians attack israel. we could be in a guns of august situation where a regional war breaks out. if iran attacked to actually attack it's nuclear facilities. i think it would open the door for them to do that and the world would probably condemn it initially. it would be seen as the right thing to do. if they were lucky enough even though it is not their stated goal or mission to take out assad. >> i'm not sure that conclusion
6:35 pm
is right. i've listened to general jack keen and others who have been on the ground and studied the information. their view is that they are not involved in the battle and the moderates still have the upper hand. i think there is not a foregone conclusion. it doesn't have to happen and it didn't have to happen had obama intervened a year ago when the outcome would have been very differe different. 30 years ago it would be more pro american but their ranks have fallen over the last year? >> absolutely. and our situation now is far more dire. >> we look forward to your new took. it is going to be for sale on i think i was wrong about my
6:36 pm
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6:41 pm
>> justice has taken the lives of trayvon martin on others. >> today we are still crippled in policyies some of which have us standing our ground rather than finding common ground. if freedom is going to ring in syria, libya, florida, then we must reach across the table and feed each other and let freedom ring. >> today, there are no white sheets, but there are judges in black robes in the u.s. supreme court who struck down section iv of the voting rights act to block people of color and young
6:42 pm
people from voting with the goal of ensuring that we never see another black man or woman el t elected as president of the united states of america. >> some of the rhetoric of yesterday's march on washington. here with more radio show host richard fowler. you are going to compare it to the kkk and the i have a dream speech to trayvon martin? >> i think they were responding to how the community feels. >> what part of my question did you not understand. they were comparing our supreme court to the klu klux klan. >> wait a second.
6:43 pm
i think they were trying to say that the supreme court can -- >> execucuse me. i don't need your interpretation. we have the words of melanie campbell. today there are no white sheets but there are judges in black robes on the supreme court. are you going to go along with that? >> they justify it. they justify voter supression. it is not voter supression that african americans wait two times longer than white people to vote? >> i waited a long time. >> where did you vote? >> in virginia. >> and it is my turn to talk now. if you are going to do tv you might want to learn some tv et
6:44 pm
kaet >> let's talk about bill clinton defending -- >> his mentor was -- >> the only republican on stage was abraham lincoln at the lincoln memorial. >> ask yourself why. >> excuse me i'm speaking now. let me finish. the voter who was to only attend the celebration yesterday at the 50th anniversary was tim scott who was the only black senator in the united states senate and it just so happens that he supports voter id he is from a southern state and he doesn't think it is all about voter supression. and you didn't invite him to speak why? because he doesn't vote on that agenda. >> even if he was invited to
6:45 pm
speak his staff indicated that he wasn't in town to attend. >> i went to thednc you know what i needed a photo id. >> that is not true. >> what is wrong with people having an honest system for voting. what is racial about that in anyway. >> they are mandating a certain form of id. they don't allow student id's. >> wait a minute. sean. why is it that students aren't allowed to vote with their student id. >> i'm asking you a question. >> because you can make a fake student id. what is wrong with a photo id to
6:46 pm
prove that you are an american so that we keep the system honest. >> what world do you live in where you think there are tons of illegal immigrants voting? >> let's get back to the issue. when attorney general eric holder speaks at these conventions you have to show a photo id. the ironic thing is hundreds of thousands of people went to washington dc they travels let me finish my point sir, if you are going to do television you have to learn to do television. >> you are not the host of the show, sir, richard fowler. hundreds of people came to washington dc yesterday from all over the country. what did they need to get there. >> various forms of id.
6:47 pm
>> this is a false argument. >> i got to go. mr. fowler. you can let her finish. it's all right. we'll give you time. >> you have people talking about nullification of the law of the land. you have people talking about impeachment they never say that their problem with obama is that he's black >> probably some of the dumbest things that chris matthews has said. we will show you when we get back. welcome back to hannit.
6:48 pm
6:49 pm
6:50 pm
6:51 pm
time for media mash. our weekly roundup of all the ways the liberal spin on the news. sir, how are you? >> brother hannity, how are we doing? >> it doesn't get better than this. chris matthews has his head. how do i say this? so far inserted, i won't go any further. it is probably -- this is the definition of an obama gasm. listen to this if you're against
6:52 pm
this and deficits of foreign policy, bad economy, it's all because you're racist. watch. >> you've got people talking about nullification of the law of the land. you got people talking impeachment like coburn. tom crews out there. they never say the problem with him is black. look at the pattern. the daughters of the american revolution knew what they were saying and said it out loud. she's black, she can't sing here. these guys today use all the techniques of nullification and talking about i will legitimacy and accusing the president of being a crook. they talk about impeaching him on grounds that he can't come up with. at least, in the old days, they were honest about it. today, they're not. he has lost his mind. >> yeah. >> let's try to follow the logic of dr. matthews here. first he says if you're a republican or a conservative opposed to any policy of barack
6:53 pm
obama, ergo you're a racist. second, if you can't find any evidence of any republican or conservative saying anything racist, that means they're just not being honest about their racism. don't forget, sean hannity, he's given lectures to republicans denouncing their use of ethic words like chicago, ethnic words like urban, and that third rail word we don't ever want to use, apartment. >> apartment. >>. >> apartment. >> think back to tom brokaw, john chancellor, brian williams, matt lauer. what are they thinking? when this is now their news brand. >> i think there's a collective -- remember lerch from that tv show where he was always groaning, whatever that show was on tv in the '60s. they're like lerch just groaning of the thought of what's happened to nbc.
6:54 pm
>> brent bozell. i can't top that. that's the best we've got. we're going to stop it there. all right, sir. thank you for being with us. >> thank you. >> take care. coming up next when we come back, we'll reveal what you have chosen as video of the day after the break. stay with us. ♪ nascar is about excitement. but tracking all the action and hearing everything from our marketing partners, the media and millions of fans on social media can be a challenge. that's why we partnered with hp to build the new nascar fan and media engagement center. hp's technology helps us turn millions of tweets, posts and stories into real-time business insights that help nascar win with our fans.
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6:59 pm
jumped due to this crisis in syria. but the oil companies are telling consumers don't be concerned about the increase in price, they're going to raise the prices for labor day anyway. so it doesn't make any difference at all. we're all fine. vice president joe biden said today that syria must be held accountable and obama administration has never employed an accountant. we have no idea how to do that. >> but we -- once we figure that out, look at this. the secretary of the treasury told congress we'll be out of money by october. a lot of americans are shocked by this. >> don't you think we're already out of money? we got a month worth of money left. let's party. >> why would nbc make the same dumb mistake twice? they did. that is all the time we have left this evening. as always, thank you for being with us. let not your heart be troubled.
7:00 pm
the news continues. greta van susteren to go live on the record. we'll see you back here tomorrow night. thanks for being with us. this is a fox news alert. the brits are snubbing president obama. so he go it alone in syria. >> aye. >> country, no. >> the noes have it. >> if the united states decides to lead military action in reprisal or to punish the use of chemical weapons last week, britain will not be part of that. >> i strongly believe in the need nor a tough response to the use of chemical weapons. this is clear to me that the british parliament reflecting the views of the british people does not want to see british military action. i get that and the government will act accordingly. >> we've been here in 2003. basically